Who said healthy beverages can’t be tasty? We are here to bust this myth once and for all. Warm and soothing, citrusy and spicy, smooth and bold. All of this blended beautifully by our masters to fit in one cup, this is as yummy as it can get. The mild citrusy flavor of lemongrass blends perfectly with the soothing ginger and the finest Oolong tea to create a very interesting cup. Ginger is the king of immunity boosters and the therapeutic nature of lemongrass is well known worldwide. It clears the tough acne, aids in digestion and weight loss. This tea is a sure win-win.

Caffeine Content: Medium
Ingredients:  Lemongrass, Ginger pods, Oolong Tea

Taste Notes: Aromatic tea with a mild, citrusy flavor of lemongrass and warming earthy flavor of ginger.

Storage Instructions- Store in the Tea Saaga’s ziplocks or transfer in an airtight container, kept in cool dark place.

Brewing Guide (Hot)

Step 1- Heat water to the desired temperature. Place the tea leaves in the infuser.
Step 2- Pour the hot water over the tea leaves until they are submerged.
Step 3- Let it steep for the recommended time. Take care not to over steep.
Step 4- Remove the tea leaves. Pour into the cup and enjoy.


Brewing Guide (Cold)

Step 1- Place loose tea leaf in a pitcher. ( say 6 tsps of tea leaves for 1 litre of water.)
Step 2- Pour water over the tea leaves. cover it with a lid and leave overnight (atleast 8 hours)
Step 3- Strain the tea.
Step 4- Dilute with cold water for desired strength.
Step 5- You may add lemon, mint, cut fruits, juices or honey for that extra flavor.
Step 6- Serve with ice.

( For 1 cup = 200 ml of tea )

Green 1 tsp 80 °C 3 mins
Black 1 tsp 100°C 4 mins
White 1 tsp 85°C 5 mins
Oolong 1 tsp 85°C 3 mins
Herbal 1 tsp 80°C 3 mins

1 tsp = 2 gms of tea.

* Ingredients included in the tea are known to contribute to the mentioned health benefits. These statements have not been evaluated by licensed medical bodies and are not intended to diagnose , treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Dimensions 14 × 5 × 23 cm

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